Casino Bonuses 

Casino Bonuses 

There is nothing more exciting at a casino than getting yourself a bonus. As you play there are two aims of you playing casino games. Winning the games and at the same time getting more bonuses. How many casino bonuses are there at casinos. Also, do you know how to get high casino bonuses and claiming them? At the same time are you aware of the bonus requirements at different casinos?

Types of casino bonuses 

Welcome bonus 

This is one of the popular bonuses that you get at a casino. It’s a sort of encouragement especially to new gamblers to keep on playing. Different casinos offer different amounts or percentages of the welcome bonus they give to their players.

No deposit bonus 

A no deposit bonus is given to just anyone who is playing at the casino. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned gambler or you are new to gambling. 

The bonus is more of the amount of money that you are given by the casino without you depositing any amount of money into their account. Usually, it’s the new casino that wants to make use of this type of bonus more to draw customers.

Monthly bonus

It’s also known as the deposit bonus or the reload bonus. In some casinos, it can be called the loyalty bonus. This kind of bonus is given to the regular customer by a casino as a way to appreciate them playing with them all the time. 

You might find out that it’s not one of those bonuses to be publicised by casinos but it’s still offered to several gamblers.

High roller bonus 

Are you a big spender? Well if you are you might get this type of bonus when you visit a casino the next time? A lot of casinos offer this type of bonus to those who bet huge sums of money at their casinos. These people are known as the VIPs or the whales at the casino. 

Referral bonus

This is one of those bonuses that are not very common especially looking at the fact that most casinos are now operating online. When you do get this type of casino it will be a result of you referring someone to the casino that you have played at.

Free games 

This is one of the great bonuses that casinos are known for. When you have played well you get to play free casino games or free spins as well as your bonus. These are known by various names such as free spins, bonus spins or cash spins depending on the casino you are playing at.

Bonus requirements 

When you get a bonus at a casino there are set terms and conditions that you are supposed to fulfil when you claim your bonus. These are known as the wagering requirements. Different bonuses have Different wagering requirements so are the different casinos. A wager is a bet that you place at a casino. According to ab5ba, when it then comes to bonus wagering requirement is the amount you are supposed to bet for you to claim your bonus. 

Restrictions that are set by a casino is the wagering requirements of these bonuses. When you get a cash bonus the requirement usually is that you bet in multiples until you reach a certain amount. This differs from other bonuses though which are not cash bonuses. 

How to calculate wagering requirements 

The formula for calculating your wagering requirements is rather straight forward. Simply enter your bonus amount and the wagering requirement percentage you will get if you are gaining or making a loss. 

The total amount you bet and the bonus amount and then you multiply it to get the result. Depending on the casino, you can come across you will see if you should take the bonus or not. 

You’ll be able to wager the bonus money winnings, and if you do so wisely, you’ll be able to beat the requirements and still have some money left over for you.

How to win casino bonuses 

How you get to win more casino bonuses entirely depend on how you play. This is besides the loyalty bonuses and the welcome bonuses that do not require much of your effort to get it.

One thing you should keep in mind is that when it comes to these bonuses there is a trick to it. The more the wagering requirement the fewer chances of you winning more bonuses. Also, make sure you check the house edge of the casino.


You now know how to read bonus terms and conditions, avoid being known as a bonus abuser, and play the best games. Meet all the wagering requirements whilst you still have money place more bets. Know how to get more casino bonuses and claiming them and use them effectively.