Different Types of Poker Games You Can Play at Online Casinos

Poker has become a favorite game around the globe. Millions of players from all over the world enjoy playing poker games. There are various types of poker games that you can play depending upon your interests. If you want to get entertained, then try some of these awesome poker games. Here we share some top rated online poker games for free you can play online at any online casino site.

Texas Holdem.

This is one of the most famous and popular poker game all over the world at most online casino sites. It is played with 5 cards per player and one dealer’s card. The aim of this game is to form the best possible poker hand using your five cards and a dealer’s hidden card. A winning hand is considered when there are two or more cards which are equal in value.


In this poker game, each player gets four community cards and a board of five cards. Players have to match their hand by collecting as many cards as they can. The objective of this game is to be the last player left on the table. This is an exciting game where the player who wins the pot will receive a great prize.

Four Card Poke.

In this type of poker game, there are no face-up cards so that players do not know what their opponents hold in their hands. There are four cards dealt face down and another four faced up so that players can see what cards are facing them. Each player must decide whether to keep his/her own cards private or reveal it to others. When someone reveals his/her cards, other players can also choose to disclose theirs.

Three Card Poker.

In three card poker, only three cards are dealt face down and the rest are exposed. After the deal, each player is given the option to either fold or stay. If someone folds, he/she loses that round and if he/she stays, he/she receives a new set of cards. The winner is determined based on the strength of the best hand at the end of the round.

Five Card Stud.

This is very simple poker game where each player is provided with five cards. He needs to bet on each round. At the beginning of every round, the dealer deals out seven cards face up. Then, the players need to bet according to their preferences. Once the bets are done, the dealer shows his cards. The next round begins after the dealer hits a soft “ace”.

Seven Card Stud.

Like its name suggests, this game requires you to use 7 cards instead of 5. One thing different about this game is that it uses a betting structure called ‘preflop’ instead of ‘limit’.

Draw Poker.

Another simple poker game where each person is given 6 cards. They can determine how to divide them among themselves. The winner of this game is decided by the strongest hand.


The aim of this game differs from other poker games because it does not require any betting. Instead, each player places his/her hand into a special raffle box. All the boxes are identical except for the numbers written on them. Every time a box is opened, the number inside becomes the first card of the player’s hand. When all the boxes are open, the highest number is used to decide the winner.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.

In this game, players need to place nine cards into one box. If the cards are divided equally, each player will get six cards. However, those skilled enough can win more than six cards.

Chinese Poker.

A Chinese Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck. It has ten types of cards – two jokers, kings, queens, jack, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, ace and deuce. Its rules are similar to regular poker games but it has some differences such as no betting, no bluffing, the object of the game being to form the highest combination possible using your held cards.

Caribbean Stud Poker. 

Caribbean stud poker is a variant of stud poker which was popularized in Cuba. The main difference between these games is that there are fewer cards dealt face down at the start of the game and the player who wins the pot gets to choose which cards to keep.

Pai Gow Poker. 

Pai Gow poker is very similar to the game known as Black Jack, but instead of just black and red playing cards, it makes heavy use of pai gow tiles. Each tile is numbered 1 through 8 and has a picture associated with it. These pictures include flowers, animals, fruits, lucky coins and even incense sticks.


In conclusion, we hope that our list of 13 different types of poker games mentioned above will help you find the right game for yourself. Have fun!